How to choose a hiking backpack

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There is no doubt that a comfortable and reliable hiking backpack will be indispensable, both in a serious hike and in a one-day walk. This article will analyze what you should pay attention to when choosing a hiking backpack and the additional features that some models can give.

What to look for in a hiking backpack.

When choosing a backpack, we recommend paying attention to the volume of the main compartment and the possibility of increasing the volume by attaching additional equipment to the sides of the main compartment. When choosing a backpack, you should pay attention to the degree of wear resistance of the material and its resistance to water and dirt. The closest attention should be directed to the suspension of the backpack to the traveler’s back. She must ideally adapt to the individual characteristics of the figure and redistribute the bulk of the weight from the shoulders to the hips. For multi-day hikes, the presence of a lightweight frame in the back of the backpack is necessary. The ventilation system in the back of the backpack will bring comfort to your back. The weight of the backpack is an important factor. Super lightweight backpacks are generally not the most durable or sturdy. Therefore, it is worth sticking to the average weight. It is very convenient if the backpack fits most types of hydrators. For hunters and wildlife lovers, the factor of invisibility among the landscape will be important. Therefore, we note that it is important to select the camouflage of a hiking backpack according to the type of terrain and the season of the year. Among the pleasant additions, we highlight the presence of a raincoat, hidden pockets for documents, pockets and holsters in the hip belt, spring-loaded shoulder straps, and mesh pockets for wet things.

Extra options in hiking backpacks

Some models have advanced features. Among them, we note the presence of special, shock, and water-resistant pockets for optics, night vision devices, or thermal imagers. Good backpacks have memory foam on their backs, making each use more comfortable than the last. Hiking backpacks can be equipped with a bat-wing attachment system and an additional outrigger shelf stowed in a backpack pocket. This allows you to attach any weapon, tripod, tent poles and allow you to carry a heavy, bulky load. For lovers of walks along rivers and lakes, the presence of a rubberized bottom of the bag will be important. The transformation system provides additional opportunities by fastening bags of different sizes on one base of the supporting frame. This allows you to leave the main road at the base and go light with a small backpack. Some models have a built-in stock for weapons for those who like hunting between the two compartments. For big game hunters, you can find models equipped with a meat rack. Moreover, for fishers, there are backpack models with an integrated stool.

US manufacturers of hiking backpacks

Among the huge number of brands, we recommend paying attention to American hiking backpack manufacturers. Firstly, the backpacks are adapted to the landscape and color palette of the terrain of the American states, which is important when choosing a color. Secondly, they are designed for the weather and temperatures in the United States; therefore, they will be the best choice for residents. Thirdly, American quality has always been at the highest level. Fourthly, we consider it necessary to support local producers with great care and attention to wildlife problems. Among the most famous manufacturers of hiking backpacks, we can highlight Patagonia, Nordace, Osprey, Eagle Creek, Badlands, OutdoorZ, Eberlestock, Alps, North Face, Mystery Ranch, Cilo Gea. They have a solid reputation, excellent quality, and pleasant service.

Before buying your first backpack, we recommend evaluating the operating conditions, the maximum weight of the items you carry, and deciding on your budget. It will be useful to collect feedback on the use of the backpack in real conditions. Then visit several stores and try on the backpack to assess the comfort of the fit to your figure. After purchasing a hiking backpack, you should go for a long-awaited walk and get the incomparable pleasure of communicating with the wild nature.

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