How to choose boots for hiking

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During the long lockdown, everyone was tired of being within the walls of houses and apartments. With the weakening of quarantine, it finally became possible to escape to nature from stuffy cities and offices. Apart from night vision optics and a hiking backpack, the most important piece of hiking or hunting gear is your footwear. If the shoes are chosen correctly, then travel comfort is guaranteed. The best option out of all is a pair of hiking boots.

What is important in hiking boots

First, you need to decide on the height of your hiking shoe: high, medium, or low. The low elevation is great for hiking on well-groomed trails. Medium height is good for more challenging cross-country trails where ankle support is required. On mountain routes, high boot models have proven themselves excellent. The second important aspect will be the weight of the shoe. A light pair will work great on cross-country trails on flat terrain. Heavy footwear will be indispensable for difficult, long treks in mountainous terrain. The third aspect of the choice is directly related to the weight of the pair – the degree of flexibility of the sole and the cushioning of the boot. The flexible outsole behaves well on a flat road. For rough terrain, a rigid or semi-rigid outsole with midfoot support is the best choice. The next criterion will be the grip of the outsole with the surface of the track. The presence of an anti-slip tread will provide the necessary degree of comfort when moving on wet soil, snow, and stony soils. In such conditions, it is important to have protection against water and good vapor permeability of the shoe. Gore-Tex Technology – This can be a compromise solution when both factors are required.

Know your size and taste

It is essential to choose the right size for your shoes. For the correct fitting, it is best to try on hiking shoes in the evening when the feet are slightly swollen. Good thick hiking socks should be brought to the store. With the correct fit of the pair, there should be room in the boot for the freedom of movement of the toes. This is to prevent your toes from rubbing against the inside of the shoe. A finger should fit between the heel of the foot and the heel. The heel of the shoe should not come off the foot but should be securely fixed. The shape of the boot should follow the curves of the foot exactly. Do not rely on the shoe to get loose and stretch over the shape of the foot. It would be a mistake to go hiking in a new pair of shoes. Your feet need to get used to the new thing. To do this, you should walk in it for some time near the house, for short distances. As for the style, everything is individual here. The choice between hiking boots, shoes, or high boots gives you comfort and freedom of movement.

Define the purpose

Choosing the right size is only half the battle. The second half is choosing the right hiking shoe material. Here it would help if you went for your comfort. The strongest and most durable will be boots made of genuine leather. However, they are heavier and more expensive than synthetic boots are. Synthetic materials will provide lighter weight, more ventilation, dry faster when wet, and be more affordable. Perhaps the best option would be a combination of several materials in one product. In conclusion, we point out an important criterion – the durability of hiking shoes. It is related to the weight and stiffness of the model. The heavier and harder a pair of shoes are, the more durable they will be. Here it would help if you relied on your feelings when using shoes. It should be comfortable, without compromise.

The general rule of thumb for both categories is that you cannot skimp on good hiking boots. We invest in our safety, comfort, and health when hunting or traveling. As carefully as we choose night vision binoculars or night vision monoculars, we must approach the choice of hiking boots. Choose from reputable outdoor clothing brands and brands that specialize in hiking shoes.

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