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Hiking in the fresh air has a healing effect on the body and soul, giving peace and joy. For a comfortable trip, you need to prepare thoroughly. It is necessary to determine what to take with you and decide on the equipment before going out into nature. In this article, we will look at the options for hiking equipment and a list of necessary equipment.

What to take with you on a hike

The best option for the hiker is to use special hiking equipment designed for hikers, hunters, and travelers. Hiking gear is lightweight, durable, dries quickly, gives you freedom of movement, keeps you warm, and protects you from moisture. The outfit consists of several layers. In the cold season, the number of layers reaches three; in the warm season, it can decrease. A synthetic or woolen T-shirt and the same trousers are used as a base layer. The middle layer is made of wool or fleece. It can be a sweatshirt with a deep zip or a hoodie. The upper layer consists of a windproof raincoat or warm jacket in winter and the same trousers. Comfortable hiking boots are matched to the clothes. They can be insulated or not, depending on the temperature. The outfit would be incomplete without hiking socks, hats, and gloves. A good tourist or hunting backpack will provide the comfort of movement on any route. It contains a sleeping bag, a stove, fuel for the stove, kitchen utensils, food, and water supplies. A first aid kit, a change of clothes, hygiene items, a water filter, and documents are placed in the pockets of a backpack. Be sure to take a navigator or map, satellite messenger, an inextinguishable lighter, a headlamp with a replaceable battery, a water bottle, or a hydrator. A tent is hung under the bottom of the backpack, and tent poles are attached to the side. A mobile phone, a quick snack, a knife or multitool, and a repair kit are placed in the pockets of the hip belt.

Extra equipment in a hike

A camera with a tripod can be used as additional equipment. If you like to observe animals at night, you will most likely use the night vision optics. In some models of backpacks, special pockets are provided for a telescope or night vision binoculars. They are protected against water ingress and shock. For hunters, the backpacks have ammunition compartments and an integrated holster. In regions with bears, it may be appropriate to pack bear spray in a bag. It is imperative to take a portable power supply with you to recharge your phone or camera. To keep your phone safe, we recommend purchasing a shockproof, water-resistant case. Trekking poles will be useful on descents and ascents. The list can be replenished with an ice ax, snowshoes, warm buffs, skis for winter travel. And in summer, it can be supplemented with a shovel or an ax. Depending on the time of year, insect repellent and sunscreen, and sunglasses are useful. A sleeping mat will provide additional comfort on vacation. Each traveler will adjust the list according to their wishes and the level of difficulty of the trip.

Night vision optics for hiking

As a separate type of additional equipment, we will single out night vision optics. This type includes binoculars, monocular, and night vision goggles. Night vision binoculars are used in large areas for long-term observation. It provides an excellent three-dimensional image of the terrain. The night vision monocular is designed for monitoring small spaces. It is compact in size and fits easily into the pocket of a jacket or backpack. Hikers rarely use night vision goggles. They are fixed on the head, hat, or helmet, leave your hands free and give a three-dimensional image. All night vision devices are capable of recording and photographing. They are integrated with a mobile phone and can transmit data over wireless communication channels. They will save all the exciting events in the recording and allow you to relive them again, on the monitors of your home computer.

We are confident that you will be responsible for planning your trip. By choosing the right gear and equipment, you will keep yourself comfortable all the way. If you follow these simple rules, you will enjoy a pleasant trip and positive emotions in any weather conditions.

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