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This article will look at what equipment is best to take with you for hiking or hunting. Choosing the right things for the hike is the key to the success of the entire event. This is just as important as choosing a caliber or night vision optic.

How to choose hiking boots

There are several factors to consider when choosing a good hiking boot. The main among them will be the choice of terrain for travel. The more challenging the terrain and conditions, the heavier and more protected the shoe should be. For walking on the plain, low, lightweight sneakers with a flexible sole are suitable. On mountain trails, high boots with semi-rigid soles equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane or leather are good. The longer you plan to be on the road, the stronger and harder your hiking boot should be. The weight of the backpack also affects the choice of the model. A lightweight backpack allows you to wear light, flexible boots. In addition, the heavy one requires sturdy boots with a tough sole. Open terrain allows low shoes, while forests, mountains, and lakes will require higher boots. Terrain and weather conditions dictate the material from which hiking shoes should be selected. Leather shoes are great for harsh conditions and rugged terrain. Nevertheless, they are, as a rule, heavier, dry worse, compared to synthetic shoes. Synthetics may not be inferior in wear resistance to natural leather, for example, Cardura material, but less durable than leather. Note that synthetic models are more affordable than leather ones.

How to choose outdoor clothing

Whether your passion is hunting, hiking, or bird watching, choosing the right gear will keep you lighter and more comfortable all the way. The three-layer rule works for all travelers. The first layer is worn on the naked body. It draws moisture away from the body to the outer layers and retains heat. As a rule, it is good to use merino six, silk, or synthetics for it. Wool excellently removes moisture, does not electrify, retains heat, does not accumulate odor, and weighs little even when wet. However, it loses to synthetics in terms of price and durability. Synthetic fabrics are more durable and affordable than wool and are also recommended for people with wool allergies. However, they can accumulate odor, so they will need to be washed frequently. The second layer is made of wool or fleece. Depending on the temperature, it can be more insulated or lightweight. Its role is to keep warm. The third layer consists of a waterproof and windproof jacket and trousers. Typically, a jacket can be composed of multiple layers and membranes. It uses no less advanced technology than in the production of night vision binoculars. The outer layer of the codend repels water and dirt, protects against wind and tears. The middle layer wicks moisture out and retains heat. The inner layer gives good glide and organization for essential items.

What to take with you

The list of items can vary depending on the duration of the trip and the purpose, but in general, most travelers prefer to take the following list of necessary equipment. At the bottom of the backpack, we put a sleeping bag, things to replace. We put the stove, kitchen utensils, and provisions on top of them. On the top of the backpack, we will place a first aid kit, hygiene items, a water filter, a headlamp with additional batteries, insect repellent, sunscreen, bear spray, multitool, repair kit, waterproof matches. A night vision monocular, a GPS navigator, documents, some money, a bottle for water, a phone, a camera, sunglasses, a whistle will fit perfectly into the pockets of the backpack. The tent can be hung from the bottom of the backpack. Karemats and trekking poles can be secured with carabiners on the sides of the backpack.

By correctly combining and selecting hiking equipment, we make our trip comfortable and safe. This allows us to focus on the wonderful moments of communication with nature and get an additional boost of energy.

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